The Escape Team is a DLC prison update released in June 30, 2015.

Escape Team
Escape Team
A DLC for The Escapists


June 30, 2015


Very Easy







Summary Edit

Escape Team is a DLC prison that was released on 30 of June 2015 and is a military prison with 4 inmates and 12 guards (soldiers in this prison). It is heavily based off of the A-Team. The escape route includes a tank on the eastern part of the compound, which you have to build up with the makeshift tank turret, the makeshift tank base and duct tape, than you need to load the tank with a bullet and fire it with an item made with a lighter and a taper to make the bullet fire and destroy a reinforced concrete wall which lets you run out of the prison. Around the compound there are some green desks with a target on them, inside the desks there are a lot of useful items for your escape. The inmates wear new uniforms that are white and black, the guards have soldier uniforms, the music is different in all the time periods, the special items are added and the tanks.

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