Guards are a type of character in the game. They patrol the prison regularly to prevent escape attempts and otherwise maintain order. In the game, there are two kinds of guard; Prison Guards, which patrol the prison, and Tower Guards, which stand at top towers and will shoot at players if their Guard Heat is above 89.

Prison Guard Edit

Behaviour Edit

  • Guards that witness prisoners fighting will attack you if your cursor is red and the other person if it is green.
  • Guards at roll call choose two prisoners for a cell search for contraband.

Outfit Edit

Guards wear an outfit named Guard Outfit. If near guards while this is equipped, the player's heat will go up rapidly, 1% at a time. It can be used at night for less chance of detection. It will be confiscated.

Tower Guard Edit

Behaviour Edit

Tower Guards are the last line of defense against escapists who get outside the wall. These guards will shoot at any players with a sufficiently high guard heat (90% and more), or players wearing any variation on the Inmate Outfit, dealing 20 damage per shot, even through a Plated Inmate Outfit or Plated POW outfit. They go home during the night, which makes the only way to get past them unless you are wearing a Guard Outfit. In Xbox One version of the game, they will not shoot you if you are outside of the prison on lockdown. They can easily ruin an escape. They WILL shoot at you in PC if you do a Prison Takeover,the only way to stop this is to hold a knocked out guard. They also attack you if you are on the roof at day (even with a guard outfit on!).